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Winter Fun in Glacier National Park

Winter in Glacier National Park

Snowy Peaks in Glacier

We have seen and enjoyed winter in Glacier Park, the beauties of nature in this beautiful Glacier National Park. Since there is so much beauty in winter - lets think about what it would look like with pure white snow covering all of these Mountains and Valleys. It surely must be a Winter Wonderland. I can just imagine the sparkling ice coated, naturally frosted evergreen trees, sitting in the sunshine on a cold winter morning.

There is a permit that can be obtained, for back country camping. This would allow ski trips and wandering with snow shoes. I will agree that this winter in Glacier Park is only for the hearty warm blooded camper but there are those who would love this silent, time with nature.

There are many cautions that must be remembered if you are a winter camper. The trail markers will not be visible, and it is very important to be aware of Avalanches. If there is a warming spell Avalanches are more apt to be a threat. Never go alone and watch for land marks.

It goes without saying that warm clothing is a must . The weather may suddenly change and winds may be powerful. Be prepared for emergencies. Hypothermia and frostbite can occur and may be a killer of those who are out too long.

Wear layers of clothing, and keep dry. Take along energy foods to eat. You must carry Survival equipment also. And as we said before - Never go alone.
Granite Peak Chalet
You should carry a battery radio with you if you are camping in the winter. The radio will announce Avalanche warnings as they are determined.

Snowmobiles are NOT ALLOWED in the Park anywhere. So your trip will be to enjoy the sights on foot or do a little cross country skiing.

If you are a winter enthusiast, just enjoy, and be safe.
It must be so very beautiful as Nature blankets everything in pure white.

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Winter in Glacier Park

Wonderful ski trails abound in the park but again, these trails are not well marked so it would be wise to take a map and know your abilities when traversing these rugged mountains. Check weather forecasts in the area, know where ski trails are extremely steep or rocky, and do not snowshoe or ski on frozen lakes and rivers. Skiers and snowshoers are urged to use separate trails, and if spring skiing or snow shoeing at Granite Park, Mary Glacier, or Logan Pass, beware of avalanche danger. Also take note, the north fork of the Flathead River is a major barrier of travel in winter months on the west side of the park.
If you choose to partake of winter sports at Glacier National Park, be safe…Winter Glacier Park sports can be dangerous if you are unprepared for the wilds of this magnificent park. Some of the dangers of winter sports here are avalanche, hypothermia, frostbite, and progressive physical collapse, and reduced mental capacity due to high altitudes and freezing temperatures. Remember these simple rules:

1) Know your skiing and snowshoeing abilities and limits
2) Pack survival gear in case you are stranded for any reason.
3) Stay dry
4) Dress warmly (layer clothing)
5) Pack plenty of snack foods
6) Take water (dehydration can occur quickly when exercising at these altitudes)
7) Include a map and compass in your gear
8) Stay on marked trails if possible

Winter Fun in Glacier National Park, written by Granny Tam.


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Enjoy Winter in Glacier National Park